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maharashtra women stuck in oman and dubai, two thousand five hundred maharashtra women were deceived and taken to oman, dubai; About 2,500 women from Maharashtra are stranded in Oman and Dubai according to Rupali Chakankar



Ahmadnagar: Around 2,500 women from Maharashtra are stranded in Oman and Dubai. They were tricked into being taken there, and their documents and cell phones were confiscated, so their whereabouts are unknown. This incident came to light when a woman managed to escape ten days ago and came to India. Efforts are being made to rescue the other trapped women with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian Embassy in those countries, said Rupali Chakankar, Chairperson of the State Commission for Women.

The Chairwoman of the State Commission for Women came to Chakankar Nagar on the occasion of her Dari initiative. He held a public hearing into the women’s complaints at the collector’s office here. He then spoke with the media. She said: “During the Corona period, due to the death of the breadwinner in many houses, the women and girls in these houses were faced with the problem of livelihood. At that time, many people traveled there through family work agents in Oman and Dubai. However, they were tricked and taken there. Upon arriving at the airport, the women’s documents and mobile phones were confiscated. In the meantime, some of these women had sent their videos. The search is started. He also said a case had been registered in Mumbai on the complaint of the rescued woman.

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Instructions were given to the local administration to set up hirakni rooms and drop boxes for women to lodge complaints anonymously in all local bodies. Women’s toilets in schools and colleges as well as at bus stops should be clean and have an adequate water supply. He also explained that by filing lawsuits against the village sarpanch, village members and servants as well as members of the two concerned families, Guruji and other relatives to prevent child marriage, the lawsuit continues for fix the responsibility on the representatives of the people.

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Talking about the video case of dancer Gautami Patil, he explained that it is a crime to make a video of a woman while she is changing clothes in the dressing room, and the cybersecurity department has been ordered to put implement an effective action program in this area. regard.

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152 complaints were received during the commission’s public hearing held in the city. This includes domestic violence, dowry, child marriage, property disputes and other cases. He also explained that the commission will make a decision after hearing arguments from both sides.


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