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Make Holi small, give honey, which appeals to the people of the state? – Maharashtra superstition eradication committee made a special appeal during the celebration of Holi festival



The Superstition Eradication Committee of Maharashtra has said that lately the picture is darkening and almost all religious festivals are being celebrated at the expense of nature. Therefore, many clear signs are felt from time to time that the natural cycle is disturbed and life as a whole is threatened.

The Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee, realizing this danger in time, has undertaken creative outreach work to celebrate all Maharashtra festivals in an eco-friendly way for the past thirty years.

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In particular, school and college students voluntarily fulfill pledges to celebrate Diwali without firecrackers, eco-friendly Holi. Therefore, the students are very aware of the environment.

Accidents are avoided as well as financial savings. Also this year, on behalf of Nashik district branch of Maharashtra Annis, as part of “Holi kara laan, polli kara daan” initiative, citizens will be called upon to donate Puranpoli and city food items of Nashik without throwing them at Holi.

The puranpola collected from the Holi site will be distributed to needy and poor families, orphanages, nursing homes and an effort will be made to extinguish the fire of hunger in their stomachs.

The holiday of Holi, which gives a deliberate message that people’s vices should be celebrated, is still celebrated in many places by burning large amounts of wood and cow dung.

When the real Holi is lit, foods like Coconut, Coconut, and Puranpoli are burned in Holi. Arvachya words are bombarded around Holi. The Rang Panchami festival which comes after Holi is also a huge waste of water.

Rangpanchami is played with chemical dyes. This not only leads to indiscriminate waste of water, but also poses a serious risk of serious skin and eye damage from chemical dyes. Thus, a small symbolic Holi should be done in a street of a village, a settlement.

Wood, cow dung should not be burned for Holi, instead of putting food items like puranpoli, coconut, coconut in Holi, they should be distributed to needy and poor families. A call has been made not to utter offensive words towards anyone.

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