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Manglala Bansode on Gautami Patil, It is wrong for women to be sexually assaulted in Maharashtra, Mangla Bansode question on Gautami Patil video – mangala bansode said gautami patil viral private video in condemnable and unacceptable in maharashtra



Sara: A video of dancer Gautami Patil changing clothes at an event has gone viral on social media. A complaint has also been filed at Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station in Pune in the matter. The State Commission for Women also took the matter seriously. Veteran artist Tamasha and folk artist Mangala Bansode-Karvadikar commented on what happened to Gautami Patil. He said it is reprehensible that such things happen to women artists in Maharashtra. She also said that it is sad to see the humiliation of women.

When Mangala Bansode was contacted in this matter, he commented on the matter. Gautami Patil’s video has gone viral, this incident is bad. This Maharashtra belongs to Jijau, it belongs to Ramabai, this Maharashtra belongs to Savitribai Phule. It is wrong that women are desecrated in Maharashtra. Gautami Patil is a woman. Everyone should think that she is an artist after a woman. It is wrong to take an undressing video and make it viral. Although she had made mistakes in the past, she apologized for them. But now it’s very sad to see the way women are slandered,” she said.

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I have worked at Tamasha Fada since I was seven years old, this has never happened. Our actors often change their clothes, but this has never happened. Even when Gautami Patil has security, it’s deplorable. It is condemnable to take such a video of female artists and make it go viral. Why are female artists ridiculed in Maharashtra? He also asked such an angry question.

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Meanwhile, while artist Gautami Patil was changing for an event, her video was recorded on her mobile and went viral. A complaint has been filed with the police in this regard. The incident is under investigation by the police.

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