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mother and daughter smother youth video news, VIDEO: Valentine assaulted by Rodrômeo, correct Majnu program by My Lekki in Nalasopara – valentines day 2023 nalasopara crime mother and daughter beat young man viral video



Palgar (Nalasopara) : February is the month of love in EKK and if Valentine’s Day 2023, considered the feast of love, is celebrated, on the other hand, the Romans do not miss to tease the children. Some girls endure the trials of these rompers while others end up fighting these rompers forever. A girl and her mother give a good laundry to a Romeo who goes into a spin for Valentine’s Day. A young man who assaulted a girl in Nalasopara has been beheaded. A video of him is going viral on social media.

A young woman was sexually assaulted by a rodromeo wandering around the Don Lane area of ​​Achole Road, Nalasopara East. After that, faced with this Rodrômeo, the young woman and her mother had a good argument to ask for answers. The young woman and her mother gave this Road Romeo a good hug on the road. The incident happened around 8 a.m. Monday.
Four months ago, he went to Matoshree and bound Shiv Bandhan, but because of his incapacitated father, “he” Shiv Sainik will return to BJP.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses present at the scene recorded that the young woman and her mother did indeed kick Rodrômeo with Latha Bukki. This video of the young woman and her mother giving Rodromeo was captured by the citizens present in their mobile cameras. The video of this adali made by My-Leky for Rodromeo has gone viral on social networks. Cases of girl molestation are frequently exposed in this area and citizens of the area have demanded that roadromies be held.

No cases were registered at the Tulinj police station. In addition, it has not been confirmed from which locality the girl and the young victim came from. Girls are assaulted daily in this neighborhood. The citizens of the region have complained that young people who skip school like this have created chaos in this region. For this reason, as the incidents of sexual assault against the girls increase, locals are asking the police to pay attention to it and arrest it.

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