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Nagpur Suicide News, Mass Suicide Case in Nagpur: Sangeeta’s Fight Fails, Son Fights to Death



Burnt car

Mr. Ta. Representative, Nagpur: Beltarodi Police finally registered a case of murder and attempted murder in the case of burnt out car in Khapri rehabilitation area on Wardha Marg. Meanwhile, Sangeeta Ramraj Bhat (55, resident of Jayatala), seriously injured, failed in her fight against death. He died while being treated at a private hospital in Wardha Marg on Sunday morning. Her son Nandan (25) is fighting death in hospital.

On July 19, Ramraj Bhat (58) doused himself with gasoline with Sangeeta and Nandan and burned the car. Ramraj burned to death in the car. Sangeetha and Nandan were both admitted to hospital. Sangeeta died before she recorded her statement. The police recorded Nandan’s opening statement. Police inform that Ramraj committed suicide by burning himself due to financial difficulties and he tells us that he also burned us. He also told the police that “dad wanted me to find a job”.

In the case of Ramraj’s death, the police recorded an accidental death. Beltarodi Police registered a murder case against Ramraj in this case on Sunday night after order from superiors.

Meanwhile, Beltarodi police also questioned Bhat’s relatives. Bhat closed the business in 2014. Since then, they were facing the financial crisis. He also lived in Goa for some time for Nandan’s education. In the meantime, he had sold the property and mortgaged the house. After that, they lived in rental accommodation in Jayatala, relatives told police.