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Nagpur Today News, a government employee takes a nap in the office during office hours; Senior officials gave a shock – a government employee slept in his office



Notice of state labor insurance plan issued to employee

Mountain. Special Representative, Nagpur: A show cause notice was issued by State Labor Yojana Medical Administration officers to an employee who slept in the office during office hours.

At around 3:40 p.m. on July 19, Sudesh Wasnik, a senior assistant at the State Workers’ Insurance Bureau in Imamwada, was found asleep in a chair in the office. When Sanjay Katkamwar, a member of the State Workers’ Insurance Society, went to the office, he found Vasnik asleep in a chair. He immediately Dr. Medical Administration Officer. S Res. Brought to the attention of Nalgundwar. So Dr. Nalgundwar has now issued a disciplinary notice to Wasnik. When the committee members arrived at the office, they found him sleeping and took his picture in this condition. This kind of thing tarnished the office’s image. This notice asks why action should not be taken against you for violating office discipline by sleeping during office hours.

Drug lethargy

When contacted, Vasnik, who received this notice, stated that I was on medication due to a medical condition. The pill should be taken in the afternoon. After taking it, there is lethargy for some time. The moment we were seen sleeping there was such lethargy. Today your age is 52. We have worked well on this account for many years. Vasnik told ‘Mata’ that he responded to the notice he received.

Employee sleeping on a chair in the office.


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