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naked video call to an old man, got a video call, the person in front was naked, took pictures before he knew it, cheated an old man for 3 lakhs – mumbai cyber crime news naked video call to an old man and cheated by 3 lakhs even arrived with neighbor



Mumbai: A shocking incident took place where an 86-year-old man was tricked into extorting up to Rs 3 lakh from her through a naked call. A similar incident happened with a 58-year-old man living next door to him. This old man was cheated out of 64 thousand rupees. This shocking incident happened in Andheri.

Police got information about cheating with two neighbors in Andheri through naked calls. A case was registered in this case at the police of Amboli. It is not yet known whether the accused who deceived them is the same or not. The police are investigating the case.

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What exactly happened?

An 86-year-old man received a video call from an unknown number on his mobile phone on the afternoon of July 28. The old man received this video call. If you look at the front, the front collar was bare. The old man fumbled. Meanwhile, the accused opposite also clicked on some pictures of the old man during the call. After that, the defendant started blackmailing the old man based on these photos.

The accused threatened to share these photos of the old man on social networks. After that, the old man finally showed his willingness to pay people. The accused seized Rs 3 lakh from the old man. After that, on July 29, the old man filed a complaint at the Amboli police station.

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Similar disappointment with the neighbor

The police began to investigate the case. Then, during the investigation, the police realized that a 58-year-old man living next door to the old man had also been cheated in this way. This old man was also robbed of 64,000 rupees while making a naked video call. Now the police are investigating whether the accused in this case is the same or different.

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