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Nanda Khare is dead, the pen of Vivekism has stopped! Veteran Marathi writer and novelist Anant aka Nanda Khare dies in Pune



Pune : Lead author and novelist Anant alias Nanda Khare, who added value to various parts of the Marathi literary world, has passed away in Pune after a long illness. He was 76 years old. He was sick for a long time. Literary Khare was well known as a writer advocating a rationalist and scientific vision. Khare’s novels “Antajiji Bakhar”, “Udya”, “Bakhar Antakalachi” became popular. Khare also wrote ideologically and the book “Kahani Manavprani” was under discussion. After the death of Nanda Khare, grief is expressed in the literary world. (Veteran Marathi writer and novelist Anant alias Nanda Khare dies in Pune)

The main writer Anant Khare wrote this literature under the name Nanda Khare. He always maintained rationalism and scientific approach in his writings. The Sahitya Akademi Prize for the year 2020 has been announced for Khare’s novel titled “Udya”. However, he declined the award saying the company gave me a lot.

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Nanda Khare did her primary and secondary education in Nagpur. Later, he studied Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. From there, B.Tech. (Honors, Civilian). He also worked as a civil engineer in a private company until 2001.

The writer Nanda Khare married in 1969. His wife Vidyagouri is a doctor in English literature. His daughter Narmada holds a doctorate in cell development and genetics. Additionally, his son Amitabh Khare has completed the Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.

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> 2nd Grantali Prize for scientific books/manuscripts
> In 1995, Go.R. by Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh. Received the Dodke Smriti Vangmay Award.
> Maharashtra Government Bhai Madhavrao Bagal Award and Priyadarshan Academy Annual Literary Award in 2010.
> In 2014, received the Bhau Padhe award from the organization ‘Shabd: The Book Gallery’.
> The novel ‘Udya’ won the Lokmangal Sahitya Prize in 2015.

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Literary property of Nanda Khare

>The Bakhar of Antaji (Novel)
>Indica (novel in translation)
> Tomorrow (novel)
>rather than (autobiography)
>The history of humanity (sociological text)
>The story of the cotton boll (in translation)
>Darwin and the Mystery of Biology (edited article)
>Stone on stone, brick on brick (Autobiography)
>Angarlyavin Bhui (Novel)
> Bakhar Antakalaki (Novel)
>Varulpurana (Translation)
>Twenty Fifty (Science novel)
> Samprati (Novel)
> Beyond the Barrier of the Known (An introduction to the philosophy of science)
> Dagda-Dhonde (Geology of Eastern Vidarbha)
> Gavgada: After a century (Edit)
> On the beach (translated novel)


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