nanded crime news, family locked in room and 40 lakh gold and cash stolen from nanded

nanded crime news, family locked in room and 40 lakh gold and cash stolen from nanded

Nanded: At Yadav Appa Gandhewar, an old businessman well known here, the robbers ransacked and beat the four people and snatched their keys and ornaments. 5 lakhs in cash at the treasury and about 71 tolas of gold, which at today’s free market rate sold a replacement for about 40 lakhs. The injured were treated at Upazila Hospital and sent home.

His only child is his daughter, Yadav Appa Gandhewar (about 104 years old), the oldest wealthy merchant and large farmer of Basaveshwar Chowk, a former village in the city of Hadgaon. But she lives in her Karkheli, Umri. His son Pramod Shetty, his daughter-in-law Pratibha Shetty, their son Doctor Pawan Shetty and his wife Prasanna Pawan Shetty and their six month old baby all live in Nanded. Dr. Pawan Shetty manages all assets of Yadav Appa Gandhewar. He owns about 150 acres of farm belonging to the joint family and has a lot of wealth like ancestral gold and silver.

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A knife was put under the neck of a six-month-old baby and the family were trapped in the room

On July 16, late at night, after 1:30 a.m., the burglars entered her house from the back and beat everyone in the house and demanded the keys to her safe. Everyone in the house except the old man was beaten and all of Prasanna Shetty’s ornaments were scratched. Meanwhile, the thieves targeted the six-month-old baby and seized the family’s keys and jewelry kept elsewhere by putting a knife to her throat. They also took everyone’s cellphones in the house and put them all in one room and locked them from the outside. He left the main hall like a master with all the goods of the house.

Police on the side street, but no one knows

Meanwhile, citizens of this area reported to the police station after finding abandoned motorbikes from Telangana State passing Annabhau Sathe Chowk on the side street. The police came at three in the morning and seized the motorbike. But until then, neither the police nor the citizens were aware of this theft. Later, Gandhewar and the Shetty family broke down the door to the room they were locked in and came out and at 4:30 a.m. the citizens learned of the incident.

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Around 6 a.m., the injured doctor Pawan Shetty reached the police station and immediately the police arrived on the scene. Under the direction of Police Inspector Hanumant Gaikwad, Swami’s team and fingerprint experts were called in with the advice of the elderly. Later, the citizens realized that the thieves had stolen two motorbikes located on another street in the city of Hadgaon itself. The team of dogs that came to investigate got lost about fifty meters away.

Sub-division police officer Archana Patil came to the scene and provided guidance. Further investigations are being carried out by Assistant Police Inspector Shankar Bhande. Police Inspector Hanumant Gaikwad has expressed his belief that the case will be solved soon.

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Earlier, there is also a conversation that about a year ago Hariprasad Sarada’s house was ransacked by daring robbery and beating of people in the house. But there is a discussion that since the said businessman was doing business of interest, he showed the theft of a small sum at the police station.

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