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nanded friend firing during party nanded was shaken by “this” incident – friend fired friend during nanded party going on



nanded : A shocking discovery has been made in the Nuri Chowk Maltekdi area below the boundaries of Nanded City Airport Police Station. There was an incident where a friend shot a friend from a village gate due to an argument over food and drink. One person was seriously injured and is being treated at Vishnupuri Government Hospital, Nanded. This incident occurred on Thursday, February 9, around 5:30 p.m.

Sheikh Irfan Sheikh Guddu (25, Res. Magdoomnagar, Nai Abadi Nanded) and his friend were partying in Nuri Chowk area of ​​Maltekdi district of Nanded city. After a while, there was an argument between the two over food and drink. At this time, the accused friend shot Sheikh Irfan Sheikh Guddu from the Gavathi Katta near him. Sheikh Irfan was shot in the stomach.

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As soon as information about the incident came to light, airport police and senior officials rushed to the scene. Injured Sheikh Irfan was admitted to Vishnupuri Hospital. A hospital source said he was undergoing surgery and his condition was critical. While two shooting incidents within the city’s Itwara police station boundaries are recent, another shooting incident within the Viman police station boundary in Nanded town has created an atmosphere of fear. A case was registered in this case at the airport police station.

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