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nanded old man beaten to death, daughter suspected of rape tied to a tree and beaten, 85 year old man killed in nanded – maharashtra crime news nanded 85 year old man beaten to death suspecting black magic



nanded : An 85-year-old man has been beaten to death on suspicion of witchcraft and sorcery. This shocking incident was revealed in Gaglegaon in Biloli taluka of Nanded district. In this case, the Ramtirtha police registered a murder case against the three.

The name of the deceased old man is Hanmant Panchal. The Dumane family suspected Panchal of practicing witchcraft on the 18-year-old daughter of Vaman Dumane from the village. Based on these suspicions, three members of the Dumane family severely beat Hanmant Panchal, 85, on March 1. In this beating, Hanmant Panchal died instantly. The incident of killing an old man because of superstition caused a stir in the neighborhood.

Tied to a tamarind tree and beaten

The accused tied the old man to a tamarind tree in the village and then beat him, saying why did you practice Karni and do witchcraft on our daughter, because by doing Karni, the daughter’s leg suffers. Hanmant Panchal died on the spot after being severely beaten. Video of the incident also went viral.

The father opened the door, the daughter kept screaming from the bathroom, but the devil brutally killed the woman

Murder and violation of the anti-witchcraft law against the accused

Meanwhile, Ramtirth Police have registered a case under the Anti-Witchcraft and Murder Act against three people namely Ratnadeep Vaman Doomne, Vaman Doomne and Dayanand Doomne. Police Commissioner Srikrishna Kokate informed that the three defendants had been arrested.

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Annis demanded strict measures against the accused

Killing an elderly person out of superstition is a reprehensible incident. The Superstition Eradication Committee demanded strict measures against the accused in this case.

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