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nanded woman delivering baby on bus, woman gave birth to baby girl on moving bus in nanded



Nanded: A mother who was traveling by bus to the hospital to give birth gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the bus itself. The incident happened on March 4 on the Nanded-Himayatnagar road. Shital Rathod (Age – 23) from Himayatnagar taluka was traveling by bus to Himayatnagar for delivery. The said woman was distraught when the labor pains started on a moving bus.

The bus passengers were also distraught. Then the bus driver and passengers immediately called the 108 ambulance keeping in mind the gravity of the moment. Paramedics rushed to the woman’s aid and brought her safely inside the bus.

Aadharwad 108 became Women’s Ambulance

Sheetal Rathod, a pregnant woman, gave birth on the bus. It was difficult for the woman to reach the hospital. After receiving this information, the doctors and staff of ambulance number 108 immediately rushed to the aid of the woman and brought her safely inside the bus. Everyone gasped when said mother gave birth to a cute baby girl. After that, the mother and child were safely taken to hospital by ambulance. Doctors in Ambulance 108 are appreciated everywhere.

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The health system is broken, immediate action by Rupali Chakankar

The woman was lucky because she got an ambulance, found a doctor and gave birth safely. However, just yesterday there were incidents where women had to give birth without a doctor due to lack of facilities. In Trimbakeshwar taluka of Nashik district, there was a shocking incident where a pregnant woman who came to give birth had no doctor and her own mother gave birth. For example, in the Lake Ambazari area of ​​Nagpur, an underage pregnant woman gave birth after watching YouTube and then killed her baby. A pregnant woman had to give birth on the road due to a rutted road in Kolhapur district.

These three incidents were registered by the Women’s Commission and the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission, Rupali Chakankar, ordered the immediate suspension of the officers and employees involved until the incidents are fully investigated and that the culprits be punished.

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