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nashik accident, had a high speed picnic, lost control of the car, car 5-10 feet in the air, one died with 2 young women – nashik accident on vani saputara road driver has lost control of the car accident occurred three died



Nasik: On the Nashik-Saputara highway, three people died on the spot following a terrible accident when the driver lost control of the speeding car. In this accident, three people including the driver of the car died on the spot and one person was seriously injured. The injured were admitted to Nashik hospital for treatment. Among those who died were two young women and a young man.

The accident happened near Chausale Fata in Vani on the Nashik Saputara highway. Eyewitnesses reported that the car flew 5 to 10 feet in the air two to three times when the driver lost control of the car and drove into the field on the side of the road. After the accident, there was a great noise in the neighborhood. After that, local citizens immediately admitted the three people in the car to Vani Rural Hospital. But they were pronounced dead and one injured was immediately sent to Nashik for treatment.

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Two young men and two young women from Nashik were driving around in their Verna car number MH12HZ4161 in Saputara. Anjali Rakesh Singh (23, Satpur), Noman Hajifulla Chaudhary (21, Satpur Ambad Link Road), Srishti Naresh Bhagat (22, Rambaj Square, Nagpur) Ajay Gautam (20, Satpur Link Road) They were traveling by car. At that time the driver lost control of his car for speeding at Chausale Phata Shiwar of Vani and the car entered a large pothole on the side of the road in the opposite direction to the road. After that, he flew 5-10 feet in the air and landed near an onion plant in front. At this time, four people in the car were seriously injured and three died.

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According to eyewitnesses, the accident was so terrible that the sound of the accident was heard up to five hundred meters. Meanwhile, local citizens immediately rushed to the crash site after the incident. Rescue operations were launched to try to get the injured out and the police were called to the scene after being informed of the incident. The four injured in the car were admitted to Vani Rural Hospital. Among them, Anjali Rakesh Singh, Noman Hajifulla Chaudhary, Srishti Naresh Bhagat were pronounced dead on the spot. Ajay Gautam, seriously injured, is receiving treatment. Ajay Gautam said he is a resident of Satpur area in Nashik and informed that he travels to Saputara for tourism.

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