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nashik breaking news today a terrible incident happened to a couple due to suspicion of ghost; Elderly couple brutally beaten for ghosting in Nashik



Nasik: No matter how much public awareness there is, the incidents of superstitions and resulting crimes are not decreasing in Maharashtra. A shocking incident has come to light in Nashik. Many people suffer because of the suspicion of superstitions like witchcraft and magic. In Igatpuri taluk of Nashik district, some families had to leave their homes due to alleged ghosts. After that an old couple was beaten at Trimbakeshwar taluka on the allegation of ghosts.

An elderly couple have been held responsible for the death of a person at Pimpalcha pada in Kalamusta in the Trimbakeshwar taluk. Nirmulan Samiti superstition alleged that they were beaten like ghosts and ghosts. A case has been registered with the Harsul Police and the Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee is following the case.

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The detailed information given by Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti is that the elder brother of Bhima Baraku Telwade of Pimpalcha Pada died of old age at Mohpada in Gujarat two days ago at his nephew’s house. His body was brought back to his native village of Kalmuste. However, before cremating the body, his brother Bhima Barku Telwade and his wife Bhagibai Bhima Telwade were ghosts, and some people in Bhau Bandki accused him out of superstition that he died because of a mantra-tantra, witchcraft. Enraged by this, he severely beat Bhima Barku Telwade and his wife Bhagibai Bhima Telwade. As a result, Bhima Barku suffered a head injury and Bhagibai Bhima Telwade also suffered a chest injury. Both were severely beaten.

Balu Raut Male, a young man from Kalmuste village, took the injured couple to Harsul police station. Principal Secretary of State Annis Dr. Gorane immediately contacted Harsul Police. He suggested immediate medical treatment for the elderly couple and called for the culprits to be charged under the Anti-Witchcraft Act, among other articles. At Harsul Police Station, a case has been registered against some of their own brothers for assaulting an elderly Telwade couple. However, the anti-witchcraft law had to be inserted along with other sections. Annis said he wasn’t planted by Harsul police.

On Monday, Annis immediately treated the elderly couple at Nashik Government Hospital and brought them before the Rural Superintendent of Police. The elderly couple and their son Ravi Telwade, who were badly beaten, said that for 7-8 years, some people from the village and some people from Bhavki harassed their parents by making them look like ghosts. Over the past two years, Ravi Telwade has personally met with Nashik Collector, Police Superintendent, Nashik (Rural) and Harsul Police. Complaints were also filed in writing. The elderly couple and their son Ravi Telwade regretted that if legal action had been taken against them in time, this fatal incident would not have happened today.

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Strict legal action should be taken against the culprits after a thorough investigation into the incident of the brutal beating of the Telwade family in Kalmuste. Further, a letter of request has been delivered to Superintendent of Police Nashik (Rural) by Maharashtra Annischiavati for a section against witchcraft to be included in the recorded crime regarding this incident.