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nashik crime news, a terrible incident happened to a woman living in a flat, even on a 16-year-old girl…



Nashik: Due to an ongoing feud, a person assaulted Milekis and attempted suicide in a suburban area in the Nashik Road area. In this way, there was a sensation in the region. In this case, the work of filing a case at the suburban police station started late.

Outside the gate of Kendriya Vidyalaya near the suburban police station, suspect Sarjit Zanjote alias Dingia attempted suicide by stabbing a woman and her daughter multiple times and stabbing himself with a knife. Police have expressed a preliminary estimate that it all happened through an immoral relationship.

Make love with me differently…; In Pune, showing images of guns, swords, assaulted a married woman
Meanwhile, a 34-year-old woman was seriously injured in the incident and was admitted to a private hospital. The sixteen-year-old daughter of the same woman was also attacked. The girl was admitted to Bitco Hospital in Nashik Road for treatment and is undergoing treatment. In this incident, he stabbed the woman and her daughter and attempted suicide by stabbing himself with the same knife. He was seriously injured and is undergoing treatment at the district government hospital.
Called police at 3 a.m., said woman and child were killed; When the police came home, it was terrible…
The assailant who attacked the woman and her daughter, Isam, and the injured woman were living as a couple. It is understood that this kind of thing happened due to the fact that there is a constant argument between them for some reason.