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Nashik Police Solve Ex-Soldier’s Murder Mystery; Ex-Serviceman Killed and His Car Burned in Nashik, Mystery Solved After 6 Months Why



Nasik: The police have managed to solve the mystery of the murder of a former serviceman six months ago. It was revealed that he was killed by the bikers after a fight broke out after cutting off the car. A former soldier was stabbed to death after an argument. It is reported that the defendants confessed that they put him in the car and set the car on fire with diesel.

On August 30, 2022, at Ghoti in Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district, the charred remains of an unidentified man were found in a burnt-out four-wheeler on the road in Ambewadi Shivarat. After this incident, there was a sensation in the region. A case of sudden death was registered at the Ghoti police station regarding this incident. When the police took detailed information about the burnt car during the investigation, they found out that the car belonged to Sandeep Punjaram Gunjal, (Rest. Nhanwe, Dist. Chandwad) to identify the corpse. Samples were taken. According to the chemical analysis obtained during the investigation, a case of murder was registered at the Ghoti police station.

Meanwhile, the late Sandeep Punjaram Gunjal was a former military man. He worked as a security guard at Samriddhi Highway South Pole, Igatpuri. d. On August 30, 2022, around midnight, he had taken his Santro car from the South Pole Samriddhi Highway and his charred body was found around 8:30 am. After that, the police surrounded the investigation circle and the police team proceeded to the place of Samriddhi Highway South Pole Igatpuri where the late Sandeep Gunjal was working as a security guard.

Samriddhi highway workers, security guards and office staff were questioned about the dead Gunjal. At that time, it was learned that Gunjal had traveled to the Bhavli Dam area in his Santro car around midnight on August 30. As a result, after following this car, the police inquired about it in the Bhavli Dam area and it was revealed that on the day of the incident, the late Gunjal was driving the car due to a fight with a two-wheeler driver from Nandgaon Sado.

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Police arrested the suspect Akash Chandrakant Bhoir, (24, Res. Nandgaon Sado, Dist. Igatpuri) and an underage boy, (Rest. Nandgaon Sado, Dist. Igatpuri) from Nandgaon Sado Shivara and conducted a thorough investigation into the crime. . As soon as the police showed him the khaki, he confessed to the crime.

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About 6 months ago, while we were going to Sandgaon Sado village under Samriddhi road bridge in a Splendor car, a Santro car cut us off from the front and we abused it. So he stopped the car and came down and abused us and we had a fight. So we shot him in the stomach with a helicopter and injured him to death, then we put him in his own car and took him to the ghat towards the Bhavli dam. The car stopped in a deserted place. At that point, we put him in the driver’s seat and poured diesel on him in his car and set him on fire, the suspect informed.

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