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Nashik Today’s News, Women’s ‘Raj’, Day of Toilets; Shocking reality in the city, insufficient number, unsanitary public toilets in nashik



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Nasik: In the city of Nashik, which is moving towards a “smart city”, there is still a lack of women’s toilets in public places. Not only are there not enough toilets available in major markets, roads, suburbs, etc. city, but those there are extremely unsanitary and smelly.

Nashik is now heading towards a metropolis, and due to the increasing expansion of the city, the need for various facilities for women is also increasing. Along with education, women and girls come in large numbers to the city from different parts of the district for jobs and other works. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to have adequate public restrooms in the city. Roads, streetlights, traffic islands, social temples, parks are always given priority when developing the city’s infrastructure. However, the inspection of ‘Mata’ revealed that toilet needs, especially of women, have been neglected by all systems.

According to the criteria of the World Health Organization, there should be one toilet for every hundred people. In fact, the female population of Nashik city is over six lakhs. Apart from this, the number of female students coming for education from different parts of the district, as well as the number of women coming from villages near the city for work is also large. There are only 3,896 public toilet seats available for women in this city of millions of women. This number is well below global standards. It has been found that many women avoid using these toilets because all available toilets are extremely unsanitary and smelly. There is a situation where women have to think a hundred times using toilets in all places from public places to government offices. For this reason, women have to deal with mental anguish.

The representatives of the people have no chance

From neighborhood councilors to MPs, women participate in large numbers in municipal politics. More than half of the municipal corporation is made up of corporate women. During the last eight years in the city, Prof. Devyani Farande and Seema Hire are two female MPs. Prior hire of Pushpatai, Dr. Shobha Bachhav also served as a minister. Currently, Dr. Bharti Pawar is also living in the city of Nashik. However, the sad fact has emerged that no one has decided to solve the problem of adequate toilets, which is very important for women.

Affordability of rural female students

Students from various regions like Niphad, Pimpalgaon, Ozar, Sinnar, Trimbakeshwar, Peth, Surgana come to Nashik city for education. Students have to stay in the city all day due to university tuition fees. At this time, these female students face endless problems due to inadequate and unsanitary toilets.

Places available in the municipal sector

A total of seven thousand 812 seats are available for men and women on a pay-and-use basis in the municipal sector. Of this number, 3,896 seats are reserved for women and 3,916 for men. These include 1,948 pay and use seats within municipal jurisdiction, 1,357 seats maintained by municipal employees, and 593 pay and use seats that may be used by Sulabh.

Wise section seats for women

East Nashik – 1,012

West – 388

Panchavati – 888

Nashik Road – 882



Total – 3,896

During the Smart City works, toilets were fitted out at the request of the women. But, as it is less, efforts will be made by all MPs to build more toilets in their respective areas by following up.

-Seema here, deputy