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news from ahmednagar shrirampur, shivering… Speeding oil tanker drifts up to 100ft; Two children died with their father



Ahmadnagar: Bap-Leki on the two-wheeler was crushed and died on the spot due to the strong impact of the fertilizer tanker. The boy who was seriously injured in the crash later died. This heartbreaking incident took place in Ahmednagar district. The impact was so strong that the dead young woman was thrown literally 100 feet by the tanker.

The accident happened in front of Sri Krishna temple near Belapur Naka gate in the city of Srirampur around 10.50am this morning. In this accident, Balasaheb Gaikwad, 50, and his daughter Dipali, 20, who were on a motorbike, were crushed under the tanker and died instantly. Ajith’s son was seriously injured. He was being treated in hospital.

Loaded tanker No. MH 43 U 3335 carrying grain was proceeding from Srirampur – Belapur. At the same time, Balasaheb Gaikwad gave his daughter and son the MH number of the two-wheeler. 17 had left Belapur for Srirampur on CN 7131. Approaching the Belapur Naka gate in Srirampur town, a tank truck and a two-wheeler collided. In this, Bap-Leki on the two-wheeler crashed under the tanker and unfortunately died. At this time, Dipali, who was sitting on the back of the motorbike, was dragged by the tanker nearly a hundred feet. After this incident, the tanker driver left the tanker and fled.

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As soon as information about the incident came to light, Srirampur city police rushed to the scene. With the help of locals, the bodies were transferred to the Sugar Workers’ Hospital for an autopsy. While Ajit Gaikwad, injured, was sent to Ahmednagar for treatment. But he too is dead. Seeing this heartbreaking incident, residents expressed their grief. This incident caused grief in the Gaikwad family.

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