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News from Pandharpur, unhappy! A student who was returning home from giving her 10th class paper lost her life in an accident – ​​Pandharpur News



Pandharpur: In Pandharpur taluk, there have been shocking incidents of the unfortunate deaths of two schoolgirls in two accidents. One of these accidents took place in Bardi Pati-Karkamb. This girl was on her way home from giving class 10 Marathi subject first assignment when a tree fell on her on the way. The girl died in this accident.

The name of this schoolgirl is Radha Navnath Awte. She had left home with her brother after giving her first grade 10 Marathi homework assignment. However, a tree suddenly fell on their car. She died on the spot. This tree was on fire. This burning tree fell on his body. Meanwhile, the cause of the fire is being investigated. The police are investigating the case.

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Another student died in a collision with a vehicle

As these two incidents took place in the Karkamb region of the taluka, there is a feeling of outrage everywhere. Another such accident took place in Bhose. Devidas Jamdade’s daughter Akshara was on her way home from school this morning when she was run over by an unknown vehicle in Bhose Pati. Akshara died in there.

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a student died in an accident

Accidental death of a student

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