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Solapur: Global teacher Ranjitsinh Disley tendered his resignation as a teacher to primary education authorities giving his 400-page disclosure after Sasemira withdrew from the investigation. However, it is impossible to accept the resignation of the world teacher, who is stuck in the quagmire of the two commissions of inquiry. The deadline to withdraw the resignation was August 8, but Education Officer Kiran Lohar sent a letter rejecting the resignation on August 5 to ZP CEO and Disley Guruji. Sources said even a resignation or pre-resignation notice cannot be given while the investigation is ongoing. Education chief Kiran Lohar banned further comment on the case for administrative reasons.

Disley Guruji resigns as investigation continues

Ranjitsinh Disley, an assistant teacher at ZP School in Paritewadi (Madha), which provides a “QR Code” education system to students in Zilla Parishad schools, was delegated to the District Education and Training Institute ( Diet). At that time, he received another extension after one year. But, it is clear from the report of the commission of inquiry that he went there only once in almost 34 months. Therefore, he immediately resigned from his post, alleging that action against him was inevitable and that he was being deliberately harassed by some officers.

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Appeal by Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister to Dislay

Former Minister Girish Mahajan arranged a meeting with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis so that Disley, who has become popular across the country, will not step down after receiving the Global Teacher Award. At that time he was asked not to resign. Commissions of inquiry appointed by education officials Sanjay Rathod and Kiran Lohar have pinpointed wrongdoing by Disley Guruji. Therefore, world teachers are stuck in the thick of the action.

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The post sent a letter to the head of education of the group

Zilla Parishad Primary Division Education Officer Kiran Lohar, while briefing, said a letter was sent to group education officer Madha Taluka disapproving of Disley Guruji’s resignation. He gave this letter to Ranjit Singh Disley. He was informed that the resignation is rejected for administrative reasons. There are many types of administrative grounds, it also states that resignation cannot be given while the investigation is in progress, nor can notice of resignation be given. A notice of resignation or pre-resignation may be given after decision of the commission of inquiry.

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