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news of the Surgana accident, tragic end of three karta men from the same family; Three members of the same family in Tisgaon died on the spot in a collision



Surgana: An uncle and two nephews from the same family from Tisgaon (Dindori) were killed at the scene when an unknown vehicle collided with a two-wheeler near the Borale junction on the Vani-Pimpalgaon road on Tuesday. Due to the deaths of three karate men in the house, mourning has spread over Tisgaon along with the karate family.

This is the case

The accident happened on Tuesday (14) around 6:30 in the evening. A vehicle going from Vani to Pimpalgaon Baswant collided with a two-wheeler coming from Teesgaon to Vani at Borale Phata. In this two-wheeled retreat Sakharam Karate (55, uncle), Kedu Yashwant Karate (35, nephew), Santosh Vishnu Karate (33, nephew, all res.

Tisgaon, Dindori) was killed instantly. The three uncles-nephews who worked as farm laborers were coming to Vani for the weekly market when Kala attacked them. As soon as the news of the accident was known, the police brought the body to Vani Rural Hospital for an autopsy. The bodies were handed over to relatives after dissection at the rural hospital late at night. The police registered an accident case against the unknown driver. Police are searching for the escaped vehicle after the accident. Police are carrying out further investigation under the direction of Assistant Police Inspector Swapnil Rajput from Wani Police Station.

Accidents continuously occur on the two kilometer road from Borale Phata to Tisgaon Phata. Between Sakhereshwar temple and Borale Phata, there is a slightly winding road up the slope and Borale Phata. Therefore, accidents occur due to loss of control due to the increased speed of vehicles in this area. The villagers of Tisgaon and Borale demanded the installation of traffic barriers in Borale Fata.


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