News updates from Rohit Pawar, leadership change in NCP? Rohit Pawar finally said after the discussion…

News updates from Rohit Pawar, leadership change in NCP?  Rohit Pawar finally said after the discussion…

Ahmadnagar: A statement made yesterday by NCP MLA Rohit Pawar of Karjat-Jamkhed Constituency has been well discussed in political circles in the state. Everyone’s eyebrows were raised when Rohit said that after the 2024 elections the formulas of politics would be in his hands. But now Rohit Pawar himself explained all these discussions and said that the media misinterpreted my statement.

“Democracy is attacked in various ways like arbitrary power, central system, repression and therefore the constitution. In such a situation, the responsibility to protect democracy and the constitution lies with the youth. Anti-democratic forces cannot be defeated without the active participation of the youth. All the leaders of the NCP as well as the respected Pawar Saheb and Ajit Dad are guiding the youth to join politics. In this spirit, yesterday I called on the youth to join active politics and I I said that the time ahead would belong to the youth. But if that statement is misinterpreted by the media, yesterday proved how important the news would be,” Rohit Pawar tweeted.

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Rohit Pawar also expressed his displeasure with the media, saying that it is often necessary to reach people while doing social work, but is not considered as it is. must.

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“Whatever party the government belongs to…”

After Rohit Pawar’s statement, there is going to be a leadership change in the NCP, he gave his opinion in this regard. “I didn’t talk about positions in any party. But to protect democracy and the constitution, MLA, MP, GP Young people expressed the need to elect only people with good thoughts as members and councillors. Moreover, regardless of the party to which the government belongs, this government cannot ignore the youth, it must plan a strong youth policy and implement it. There is no doubt that the passage of time will fulfill the hopes and expectations of our democratic thoughts and our youth,” said Rohit Pawar.


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