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Nitesh Rane, Nitesh Rane got up to speak with great enthusiasm, but the Speaker of the Assembly said, “You’re late, it’s all done”



Mumbai: MNS leader Sandeep Deshpande was attacked by a group of unknown assailants on Friday morning. The repercussions of this attack were also felt during the budget session. An incident occurred with BJP MP Nitesh Rane as he spoke in the House about the attack on Sandeep Deshpande. There have been many discussions about this incident in the Vidhan Bhavan. Nitesh Rane also visited Hinduja Hospital this morning to meet Sandeep Deshpande. Here he took information about the attack of Sandeep Deshpande. After that, Nitesh Rane left for the convention. After coming to the Legislative Assembly, Nitesh Rane started talking about the attack on Sandeep Deshpande with great enthusiasm. However, Assembly Speaker Rahul Narvekar asked Rane to sit down as soon as he said the first sentence. Assembly Speaker Narvekar warned Nitesh Rane to restrict his speech saying, “It’s done, you arrived late, he has already raised this issue.”
Arrest of Aditya Thackeray and Sanjay Raut in the Deshpande attack case; Excitement due to the request of the leader of MNS

However, Nitesh Rane continued his speech even after that. I also want to talk about the Sandeep Deshpande attack. This morning, we tried to make Sandeep Deshpande look like Mansukh Hiren, Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput. Sandeep Deshpande also named the forwards. All of these things will come out of the police investigation. However, lately Sandeep Deshpande has been making allegations about someone named Rune Sardesai. We all know the strength of this Varun Sardesai in government. Therefore, Nitesh Rane demanded that something be done in this matter through us. However, the Speaker of the Assembly did not pay much attention to Nitesh Rane’s speech. So Nitesh Rane finally had to reluctantly sit down. After that, there was such a good discussion in Vidhan Bhavan.

Sandeep Deshpande attacked with stump in Shivaji Park, Raj Thackeray, Amit Thackeray at Hinduja Hospital

Police open investigation into Sandeep Deshpande attack case

Sandeep Deshpande went to the Shivaji Park area for a morning walk on Friday morning. This time a gang attacked them using a stump. As Sandeep Deshpande resisted and passers-by ran, the attackers fled. In this clash, Sandeep Deshpande was hit hard with the stump in his hand. As a result, his arm was fractured.