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Onion Farmers, Onion Question: Farmer told Union minister directly about attempt to throw onions at Fadnavis car – onion farmers took aggressive stance against government due to lack of price from the onion market



Nashik/ Amravati : Union Minister Bharti Pawar in Nashik and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in Amravati have been targeted by onion farmers and demanded a quick solution to the onion problem. Union Minister Bharti Pawar was surrounded by farmers and bombarded with questions. On the other hand, the police arrested the farmers who were about to throw onions at Devendra Fadnavis’ fleet of cars. Overall, due to the onion problem in the state, farmers have become aggressive in many places.

Union Minister Bharti Pawar and the farmers had a dispute. Farmers besieged Bharti Pawar over onion price. This dispute arose between farmers and Union Minister Bharti Pawar over the issue of Nafed purchase and export. This is the incident in the Niphad area of ​​Nashik.

Due to falling onion prices, farmers have become aggressive in recent days. Farmers expressed their anger in various ways. The onion issue is burning across the state. The price of onion has not yet increased. Meanwhile, as Union Minister Bharti Pawar traveled to Niphad and Yewla regions to review the onion situation, there seems to have been a row between him and the farmers. Minister Bharti Pawar and farmers clashed verbally in Shirasgaon over falling onion prices.

Attempt to throw onions at Fadnavis convoy

Deputy Chief Minister of State Devendra Fadnavis was visiting Amravati district today. Meanwhile, militants from Swabhimani Shetkar Sangathan attempted to throw onions at Fadnavis’ convoy. The police administration arrested the activist concerned while announcing the protest of the guardian minister.

The Millet Agricultural Festival has been held in the grounds of Amravati City Science Class from an earlier date. This agricultural festival was organized by the Department of Agriculture and Atma. When Fadnavis, who had come for the same program, left the Cultural Bhavan for the Agricultural Festival after the program ended, Swabhimani Shektar Sangathan workers tried to throw onions at his convoy. But before that, the police arrested him. Due to the vigilance of the police, the efforts of the workers of the peasant organization failed.

Farmers clashed with Agriculture Minister Sattar

State Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar also came yesterday to visit this festival. After talking to the media on this occasion, some farmers asked Minister Abdul Sattar about the price of the onion. What happened to Saheb Kandya’s brother? It’s time to sell onions for less than junk. Last year the price of cotton was 14500, why is it so low now? Many of these questions have been raised by farmers about Minister Abdul Sattar. The Minister of Agriculture said that I will answer all these questions in a speech. We will make all decisions in the interests of farmers. In his speech, he said that the Shinde Fadnavis government is the most capable government in terms of crop yield or price.

Sattar refused to answer direct questions from farmers to the Minister of Agriculture who came to the agricultural exhibition