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onion news maharashtra, high demand for Chhagan Bhujbal from NAFED due to onion drop, if it happens farmers money… – onion rate chhagan bhujbal demand nifad onion rate today today maharashtra



Mr. Ta. Special Representative
Farmers are directly affected by the continued decline in onion prices. Onions are supplied to “NAFED” by traders. A trader buys onions for two hundred to three hundred rupees and gives them to ‘NAFED’ for five hundred rupees. But this does not directly benefit the farmer. Former minister Chhagan Bhujbal demanded that NAFED itself go to the market and buy onions, while touring the district on Sunday. Bhujbal also claimed that the figures given by ‘NAFED’ so far regarding the purchase of onions are incorrect.

Onion prices have plummeted in neighborhood market committees due to increased arrival of onions. Anger is rising among farmers because the cost of production is not going down. Its effects are also visible on the road. Bhujbal, who is on tour in the district, informed that since the first day of the budget session of the legislature, the pain of onion farmers has been raised. Speaking to the media, he said that “NAFED” buys onions from certain companies or traders.

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I brought to the Chief Minister’s attention that some traders buy onion at Rs 200-300 per quintal and give it to NAFED at Rs 600. He was also asked to ask ‘NAFED’ to come directly to the market committee. “NAFED” asked the Chief Minister to visit market committees like Lasalgaon, buy onions and bid on the tractors that transport the goods. Bhujbal claimed that the figures given so far by ‘NAFED’ regarding onion supply are wrong.

Agriculture will only be saved if concessions are granted

The time has come for the farmers who grow cilantro and fenugreek in the neighborhood to throw their wares on the road. There is a situation when after bringing cilantro to the market committee, even the price for the car is not paid. The farmer’s hard work becomes worthless and they have to throw their goods on the road. Apart from this, the off-season rain crisis is also looming. If vegetable prices increase, citizens should also bear a little. Bhujbal also said that agriculture will only be saved if the government, which has given relief of millions of rupees to industries, also gives concessions to farmers.

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