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Onion rate | What made the price of onion fall? Why are Kandy’s calculations broken? – Ruling party and opposition of Maharashtra budget session 2023 accused each other of onion rates



Due to the fall in the price of onions, the question of how to live now arises for the farmer. On the other side, the ruling party is engaged in anti-governing politics.

Mumbai | The House debated the collapse of onion prices. The government claimed to have purchased onions through NAFED. Opposing this, opponents alleged that the government released the figures for last year. The issue of falling onion price is being discussed during the session. On the one hand, farmers are canceling the onion auction due to the exorbitant price. In contrast, opponents demonstrated wearing onion garlands.

Due to the price of the soil, where the farmers leave the cattle on the onion crop. So where there are protests throwing onions at the rasyas. But let’s understand in detail what exactly caused the price of onion to fall. The original saison, i.e. the rabi saison onion, is available on the market until the end of March. But the onion that comes out in January-February is called the pre-season onion.

In February last year, the onion was priced at Rs 20. This year, the price went from Rs 14 to Rs 16 per kg initially and then directly to Rs 2 to Rs 4 per kg.

Before the production of pre-season onions was only taken by certain states in the country, for example, if the pre-season onion was taken from Maharashtra, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, it would be exported to other states. other states, but this year almost every state planted pre-season onions. Therefore, due to the distribution of supply and demand mathematics, the rate has gone down.

This year, pre-season onion sowing in the country has increased by 10%, and production has also increased due to favorable weather conditions. Due to bad weather, 40% of onions spoil. Consequently, onions achieved good prices in February. season. But this year, production and revenues have increased.

Secondly, the farmer has to sell the onion in February because it deteriorates urgently, but this blow is said to be because the onion came to the market at the same time.

Farmers say NAFED should start buying onions. In this regard, the government has stated that it has already started purchasing onions from NAFED. But according to the opposition’s assertion, the information given by the chief minister dates from last year.

It is important to note that the center has not imposed any restrictions on the export of onions, but experts are of the opinion that the price of onion has fallen due to the increase in production. On the one hand, although onion farmers are crying in Maharashtra, in some other countries, onion has reached the price of gold.

In Maharashtra, the price of onion is 2-4 rupees per kg, while according to the media, onion would sell for 2500 rupees per kg in Turkey. Due to the earthquake in Turkey, the floods in Pakistan, the drop in income in the Netherlands, the price of onion has increased worldwide.

Looking at the percentage increase in onion price in other countries, Turkey – onion has become expensive by 750%. Onions have become expensive in Pakistan by 372%, Uzbekistan by 350%, Ukraine by 275% and the Philippines by 220%.

The opposition had alleged that the central government imposed an export ban on onions. However, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said there was a ban on the export of onion seeds and not onions. For now, NAFED must encourage onion growers by increasing purchases