Open the door, open the door now; Devotees eagerly await the navratri festival of sri saptashringi devi

Open the door, open the door now;  Devotees eagerly await the navratri festival of sri saptashringi devi

Notification: Festivals and celebrations at the fort, which have been at a standstill for two years due to Corona, have now started. Villagers and businessmen started preparations to celebrate Sharadiya Navratri festival from Monday with great enthusiasm. However, even though this festival is only four days away, many issues at the fort have yet to be resolved. The temple, closed for two months, will be open for darshan from September 26. After removing the shendur from the idol of the goddess, the eagerness of devotees to see the goddess in her original form reached its peak. Local businessmen have also started to work vigorously for the flourishing of the business which has been stagnating for two years. It is estimated that devotees and tourists will visit the fort in larger numbers than usual this year to preserve the original form of the goddess by removing the shendur from the idol. As the temple was closed for two years during the Corona period, thousands of business people faced starvation. Some had to leave the fort and migrate. Meanwhile, two meals were provided for the needy by the Devasthan Trust. So, for this year’s festival, many people put gods in the water for the use they get out of it. Local businessmen are also very excited as jobs will be available.

The rain crisis continues

Due to the continuous rains, the number of devotees was less during the months of June and July. In addition, local businessmen are in financial crisis because the temple has been closed for two months for the preservation of idols. Although the temple is open from Monday, businessmen are also scared due to the threat of rain on this festival. Because when it starts to rain, there is a fear of a crack in the ghat of the fort.

Obstacles due to work stoppage

The party is upon us, but the condition of the fort’s interior roads is still bad. Concreting is pending on the road from the descending steps of the fort to Nageshwari Chowk and Police Chowki. Local citizens and pilgrims await the development of this route. The first step towards Mammadevi, the Maruti Mandir roadworks were carried out by Gram Panchayat on a war footing. At the local level, minor works such as cleaning of sewers, drains on roads are in progress, but these works must be completed before the start of the festival.

Gram Panchayat is responsible for cleanliness

Gram Panchayat is responsible for the sanitation of the village at the local level. For this, a total of 30 Gram Panchayat employees including 10 and 20 seasonal workers will clean the fort three times a day. A health team of five employees was kept ready to provide clean water for worshipers to drink.

Strict No Plastic Policy

Plastic pollution increases during the Navaratri festival at the fort. A notice has been issued to businessmen regarding the plastic ban and encroachment. According to the government’s decision, the Gram Panchayat has prepared to take a punitive measure of Rs 5,000 against those who are indifferent to the plastic ban. The Devasthan Trust also monitors noise pollution.


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