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oxen died in the river, Satara News: As soon as the race started, the oxcart fell from a height into the river Krishna, both oxen died of suffocation – oxen died during the chariot race oxen bailgada sharyat falling in krishna river near satara maharashtra



Edited by Rohit Dhamanskar | | Updated: March 5, 2023, 08:28

bullock cart race in Satara | A bullock cart race was held in Satara on the occasion of Udayanaraje Bhosale’s birthday. After completing the seven laps of the race, all seven oxcarts stood in one place for the eighth lap.

Bullock car racing
The bullock cart fell into the river Krishna

Strong points:

  • Two bulls drowned in the water of the river
  • The two oxen drowned because they were tied to the cart
Saratar: While the race was in progress, when the bullock cart left its work, the bullock cart went straight into the bed of the Krishna river and two oxen drowned on the spot. He was saved by the ox-cart driver who time-jumped. Currently, bullock cart races are held in many places in the state. However, many accidents also occur while running. Recently a youth died during an ox cart competition in Borkhal and a youth was injured after falling from an ox cart during a competition in Lonand. A similar incident took place today in Tandulwadi village of Koregaon taluka. During an ox-cart race held there, two oxen drowned when the ox-cart fell into the Krishna River. But the driver escaped by jumping from the bullock cart. The races were canceled after this incident.
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Bullock cart races were held on behalf of Srikshetra Kolheshwar Devasthan and Udayanaraje Mitra Group to mark the birthday of MP Udayanaraje Bhosale. After the bullock carts were checked in, the races began around 11 a.m. At that time, seven running tracks were constructed from north to south (Kolheshwar temple) at a distance of about 600-700 feet from the Krishna river bed. After completing the seven laps of the race at around two o’clock in the afternoon, the seven oxcarts headed north for the eighth lap. After that, as soon as the flag fell, the bullock carts started rolling smoothly. At this time, when the trains were about 800 feet from the boundary line, an ox cart in the last track left its track and ran towards the Krishna river bed to the east.
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At this time, the driver stopped the oxcart and tried to turn it south and north. However, as the ox cart began to move towards the river bed, the driver jumped off the ox cart and the ox cart plunged about 75 feet deep into the river along with the two oxen. Both bulls drowned because they were tied to the cart. Both bulls were dead by the time help arrived. Of the two bulls that died, one was from Triputi (Koregaon) and the other from Malgaon (Satara). Due to this incident, there is an uproar in Koregaon area. How come the tehsildars of Koregaon gave permission to run on the river bank when there was a river at a distance of 100 meters? For this reason, animal lovers began to demand action against the tehsildar and the organizer of Koregaon.

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