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potholes on the road, road full of potholes; municipal government neglect to khutwadnagar to iti road – potholes on main road from wavrenagar to khutwad nagar and ‘iti’



Mr. Ta. Press Office, CIDCO

There are potholes on the main DP road from Vavrenagar to Khutwad Nagar and ‘ITI’. As a result, the road has deteriorated considerably. Due to falling potholes, dirt in the potholes, dust spread everywhere due to the gravel road, the risk of accidents has increased for motorists while coming and going from this place. Interestingly, despite the same situation for many years, citizens have expressed their anger that the city administration and public officials are neglecting road works.

‘ITI to Mauli Lawns’ is the main DP road connecting Ambad as well as the industrial area of ​​Satpur. Being an industrial area, thousands of workers use this road during the day. Old district no. 26 and this road comes within the boundaries of Satpur Divisional Office. Since 10-12 years there have been potholes on this road from Vavrenagar to ITI Bridge, Khutwadnagar.

“The road should be restored”

Often, minor two-wheeler accidents happen at night. Along with that, it gets dark at night due to tree branches growing around the road. Apart from resurfacing this DP road for ten to twelve years, the roads have become in poor condition due to lack of surfacing and asphalting of the road. The citizens demanded that the road be redone and the road be restored.

In the past five years, no street power lines have been underground. Moreover, the main road in the district has not been paved for five years, which is the biggest failure of the representatives of the people in the district.

– Adv. Tanaji Jaibhave, former corporal

Due to the poor condition of the main road from Vavrenagar to ITI, citizens as well as motorists face various problems. Over the past five years, many follow-ups have been done at the Construction Department regarding asphalting and surfacing. However, it is ignored by the construction department.

– Alka Ahire, former entrepreneur


– Due to the accumulation of water in these potholes during the monsoon, drivers cannot predict the potholes.

– The life of motorists in danger, as well as the question of underground cables on the road “as if”

– The problems have increased due to the complete neglect of road works by public officials over the past five years.

– Citizens wonder why this road is neglected while road works are going on all over the city.

– Due to the non-pruning of trees on both sides of the road, there is a possibility of falling dangerous trees.