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power struggle in maharashtra, will there be a political earthquake in maharashtra? ; NCP MP Rohit Pawar’s tweets on the political situation in the state have sparked a discussion in politics



Mumbai: The power struggle in Maharashtra has reached a crucial point and for two days the Supreme Court has been hearing the case and everyone’s attention has been drawn to it. As this situation continues in the state on the one hand, on the other hand NCP MLA Rohit Pawar made an indicative statement in a tweet. When there is an earthquake, the behavior of the parts changes. It’s sort of a premonition of an earthquake. Rohit Pawar tweeted that many MPs from the ruling party met on the occasion of work and felt some things strongly. Because of this tweet from Pawar, a new discussion has started in the political circle.

Rohit Pawar tweeted. In this tweet, he says: “Before an earthquake, the behavior of animals and birds changes… In a way, it’s a premonition of an earthquake… I have another type of observation today… When I met many fellow MPs from the ruling party today while they were in Mumbai for work, I felt some things strongly… MPs had nervousness and body language on the face. It is understood that it is not possible to meet.. Further, it is understood that the files of a particular party are being approved by the Ministry of Finance and its speed suddenly increased. ..
What earthquake should this be?

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Rohit Pawar made some observations after meeting with the ruling MPs. He sensed the unease on the faces of those MPs in power. He also said Pawar felt his body language was fake. Moreover, even though these MPs are in power, some of them cannot meet Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Pawar said.

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Not only that, but he said he understood that only a certain party’s file was approved by the Ministry of Finance. Moreover, Pawar also raised the question that the sudden increase in approval speed of this file is not a sign of an earthquake. In this tweet, Rohit Pawar says, ‘Rohit Pawar says further in his tweet, ‘There was nervousness and body language on the faces of these MPs. Despite being in power, some MPs realized that they could not meet the Chief Minister.’ In addition, the finance department approves the records of a particular party, and its speed has also increased suddenly. Understood… what kind of earthquake should that be? »
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