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Solapur: NCP State Youth Vice President protested Congress MP Praniti Shinde and came to Bhawan Congress and posted a picture of NCP MP Rohit Pawar and Praniti Shinde together. Moreover, during the Solapur tour of NCP State Chairman, Jayant Patil, false information was given to the media. Argued by calling the city president of NCP. Along with this, NCP city chairman Bharat Jadhav expelled Prashant Babar (vice chairman of NCP youth region) from the party citing various reasons.

After the action of the NCP, the reaction of Prashant Babar came to light. Is it wrong to support NCP MLA Rohit Pawar? NCP city chairman Bharat Jadhav has taken action against me, this is unfair. They have no rights. On the contrary, Prashant Babar alleged that the NCP city chairman arbitrarily shows up at Solapur to favor the seniors.

Prashant Babar was killed in the dispute between Congress and the NCP

Former Union Home Secretary and senior Congress official Sushil Kumar Shinde has announced that he will not contest the Solapur constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This raised the eyebrows of the political leaders of Solapur. After that, some NCP leaders demanded that there be an NCP candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections. Congressional leaders opposed it. For this reason, there was a fight between the local Congress and NCP leaders in the town of Solapur.

Who is Rohit Pawar?, He is not yet mature; Praniti Shinde under fire for requesting Solapur Lok Sabha NCP

MP Praniti Shinde interacted with the media on Friday. “Who is Rohit Pawar, he is not mature yet,” criticized Praniti Shinde Rohit Pawar. This caused a wave of anger among NCP leaders. NCP State Vice Chairman Prashant Babar along with some of his staff came to Congress Bhawan and posted a picture of MP Rohit Pawar and MP Praniti Shinde together and tried to remind MP Praniti Shinde who is Rohit Pawar.

Prashant Babar’s discussion with the media during the visit of Jayant Patil

NCP State Chairman Jayant Patil had visited Solapur on Thursday evening. He was on his way to the home of former interior minister Sushilkumar Shinde after meeting officials and NCP activists. Bharat Jadhav (City Chairman, NCP) said in his letter that Prashant Babar had given false information to the media about State Chairman Jayant Patal. Bharat Jadhav issued an official circular announcing the expulsion of Prashant Babar from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on the grounds that he had caused confusion about the city inspector by posting a wrong message on the Facebook page of the NCP.

Bachu Kadu says 10-15 other Mavia MPs will split, Jayant Patal’s silence when asked to react

Who gave them the right to evict?

Bharat Jadhav has no authority. We will always oppose anyone who talks about the Pawar family. Some CPN members in Solapur town deceive the regional president and senior leaders for personal gain. The Nationalist Youth Congress State President, Mahiboob Shaikh, has the right to take action against me. The nationalist chairman of Solapur town, Bharat Jadhav wields arbitrary power within the party in Solapur. Prashant Babar replied that I will seek justice from the top leadership of the NCP.

Since Bharat Jadhav became the municipal chairman of the party, the NCP has fallen to Solapur. Municipal elections were held in 2017. In 2019, the state of the party worsened in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Prashant Babar alleged that Bharat Jadhav was responsible.