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Pre-trial sanctions, cases filed in 105 cases at the Mumbai Municipal Corporation; Municipal sanction to ‘ACB’ – cases to be filed in 105 cases in Mumbai Municipality



Mumbai: Of the 142 cases filed with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) related to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the ACB received pre-trial approval to file cases in 105 cases. Thus, out of the remaining 37 cases, 30 cases are under investigation at the level of the Corruption Department and no sanctions have yet been requested in these cases. Of the remaining seven cases, pre-prosecution approval has been given in two cases, and in three cases the procedure regarding pre-prosecution approval is in the final stages, she was informed on behalf of the municipality. .

The municipality has provided information to municipal employees and officials involved in various corruption cases as part of the action of the anti-corruption service in the area of ​​the right to information. Based on this, the new “ACB Survey of 200 Municipal Employees” was published in the “Maharashtra Times” on January 24. The administration gave an explanation. According to the Corruption Prevention Act, the power to file an indictment at the court level belongs to the anti-corruption department of the state government and not to the municipality. In this regard, only the sanction of filing a complaint, i.e. the “sanction prior to prosecution”, is given under Article 19 (1) of the Law on the Prevention of Corruption at the Municipal Level .

In accordance with the offenses filed against the municipal employee by the Anti-Corruption Department, a suspension measure is taken against the employees according to the rules of the municipality. Also, the action of dismissal, dismissal is brought by the administration against an employee convicted by a court of law for such an offence. It was informed on behalf of the municipality that although the number of convictions of the employees involved in the crimes filed is negligible, 55 employees sentenced by the court have been dismissed/removed from the service of the municipality.