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pregnant woman killed by cousin, it was discovered that she was pregnant, the devil woke up in him, new information in the murder case in Satara – a cousin kills a newly married cousin of a love affair while pregnant satara murder news update



Sara: In Satara, a newlywed lost his life due to a love affair in a relationship. She was brutally murdered by her own maternal uncle. As of now, the shocking information that this bride is two and a half months pregnant has now come to light. Therefore, in the love story of these two, an innocent soul bid farewell to the world before being born. After killing the groom, he also ended his life. Currently, three families are in mourning because of this case.

The incident happened in Vanjoli village of Khatav taluk in Satara district. The bride’s name is Snehal Vaibhav Mali (22, Res. Shamgaon, Dist. Karad). Dattatray Suresh Mali (27, Banjoli, Khatav) is the name of the boyfriend who committed suicide by hanging himself.

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What exactly happened?

Dattatraya Mali and Snehal were maternal uncles. They loved each other. However, two months ago, Snehal got married to a young man from Shamgaon. After the wedding, Snehal had blocked Dattatray’s cell phone number. He was upset about it. He was waiting for her to come home. She returned home on February 25. After Snehal returned home, Dattatray spoke kindly to her at first, but she did not guess his intentions.

However, Dattatraya, who was deeply in love with his maternal aunt, had prepared enough to kill her. The mothers of these two people living in the same village had no idea. Snehal’s mother never thought something like this would happen to her son. Both Dattatraya and Snehal’s mothers are Sakhya sisters. Both live in the same village.

At the time of the incident, everyone was sitting on the porch of the house talking. After that, after Dattatraya and Snehal’s mother left, it is speculated that Dattatraya could have dragged Snehal inside. Because her bracelets were broken on that chain. Interestingly, Snehal was two and a half months pregnant. It is said that the devil in him must have woken up after hearing this.

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Without thinking for a moment, Dattatraya repeatedly stabbed Snehal in the stomach with a crowbar and a knife. Thus, stab wounds in other places also resulted in the death of two lives, including the baby in her womb. He then committed suicide by hanging himself.

Snehal, who got married a few months ago, carried the dreams of his new life. But Snehal, who has returned home, has no idea that he will no longer be his in-laws. Before killing Snehal, Dattatraya was planning a plot in his head. For this he had bought a knife and a koita. A slot has been reserved for storing a knife in the trouser pocket. Maybe he didn’t like her being pregnant. But, even the young soul could not see this world before coming to this world. For this reason, the village expresses its anger.

Deputy Police Officer Dr. When Nilesh Deshmukh, Assistant Police Inspector Dattatray Darade and the whole police team arrived at the scene. Then everyone was speechless after seeing this heartbreaking scene.


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