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Premature death of his son, the dream remained unfulfilled, to realize it, the worker launched a unique initiative, appreciated



Osmanabad: It takes charity to give hard-earned money to others. It takes a lot of heart and courage to earn any job you can get and to donate the accumulated amount of husband and wife to various school activities. An example of this is when a desperate worker after the death of his son from a heart attack decides to donate his salary to the education of children. Atmaram Sonwane, a worker from Khamswadi in Kalamba taluka, started this unique initiative.

The dream remained unfulfilled

Atmaram Sonawane’s son (65, Re-Khamswadi) named Gopal died of a heart attack on April 7, 2016. He was working as a Constable in Osmanabad District Court. Gopal Sonwane has always appeared for exams like UPSC, MPSC due to his training as a MABEd. Gopal dreamed of becoming a collector. However, Gopal’s dream remained unfulfilled due to fate.

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Atmaram Sonwane works with his wife to fulfill his children’s dream. They spend the salaries collected throughout the year for the students of the school. They spend this sum to make books, notebooks, benches to sit on. Also, the anniversary of Gopal’s death is April 7. That day they serve food to 500/1000 students. This activity has been going on continuously for 6 years.

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The boy’s dream was to become a collector, but it did not come true. But if even one of them becomes a student collector, my dream will come true, said Atmaram Sonwane.

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