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pune news, mumbai tourists narrowly escape; When the foot slipped off the rock at Kalu Falls…



Pune: As the rainy season continues, nature marks us for tourism. Many tourists come out of Mumbai, Pune for sightseeing. However, often such events occur that we cannot even think of. A similar incident happened at Kalu waterfall in Khireshwar region of Junnar taluka. Two tourists who came for a walk in this place were swept away in the water. Fortunately, they were saved. The two tourists were rescued by Shivneri Trekkers rescue team members. Shivneri Trekkers members took them down. They were in the position that the time had come, but the time had not come.

Since Saturday and Sunday were consecutive public holidays, some tourists from Mumbai had come to Kalu Waterfall in Junnar Taluka for sightseeing. However, in this case, four young women and a young man had entered the water for sightseeing in a dangerous place. While they were clapping, suddenly one of them, a young man and a young woman, slipped off a rock.

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They began to drift with the current of the water. His friends were horrified to see his condition. They carried some distance. Their two friends started screaming. After that, some tourists came to the area for tourism. There were also hikers from Shivneri hikers. They pulled the drifting young man and woman out to safety after traveling some distance.

Seeing that their lives were saved, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But this incident happened because tourists did not pay attention to it. If it weren’t for the Shivneri Trekkers trekkers today, this young man and woman might have lost their lives .

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Kalu waterfall is a famous waterfall in Junnar taluka and many tourists visit this place for sightseeing. On Sunday, more than 50 tourists came to this place for sightseeing. He also understood this young woman. Locals say the irresponsibility of tourists is responsible for this incident.

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