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pune pmpml, pockets of people of pune will burn as cheapest trip will become expensive 5 rupees ticket… – pune pmp decision to shut down atal seva bus system due to losses



Representative Mata, Pune: The Pune Metropolitan Transport Corporation (PMP) has decided to shut down the Atal Seva (Core City Depot) operating on 56 routes in the suburban area for Rs 5 due to losses. Instead, services will be provided at the regular rate on 28 existing routes. Thus, 28 high-loss roads were closed. Due to the closure of this service, the pocket of passengers will suffer a little.

On October 25, 2020, PMP launched a fixed five-rupee ticket service for a distance of five kilometers in the city and suburbs. After that, the Punya Dasham Das May Bus service was started in the central part of the city. Therefore, the downtown arrest service was closed.

But, this arrest service with a five rupee ticket worked for those who traveled five to six kilometers from the depot in suburban areas. 143 trips were in progress on 56 routes of this service. But, PMP inspected this route. At that time, it was found that the number of passengers and revenues of buses operating in Atal were low on certain routes. PMP has decided to close 28 lines out of 56 in service due to PMP’s growing operational deficit.

So the road which has a good number of passengers. 51 rounds of PMP will continue on these 28 routes. But, passengers will now have to pay the regular ticket price (per stage) for this bus. PMP implemented this decision from February 19. This decision will reduce PMP’s operating deficit. However, the pockets of the passengers will suffer a little.


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