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Rabi harvest season, Bhijki Holi and the ashes of dreams! Unseasonable rains in Nashik district caused crop failure and loss of thousands of rupees



Mr. Ta. Press office, Nifad: Unseasonable rains accompanied by high winds and lightning strikes in the early hours of Monday brought more distress to farmers who were distressed due to falling vegetable prices, including onions. This bad weather not only turned the happy Holi upside down, but also destroyed the dreams of the farmers.

It started raining in Niphad taluka on Monday around 4am. This resulted in heavy losses for companion crops like wheat, exportable vineyards, onion and vegetables. Harvesting of rabi crops such as wheat, onions and grapes is currently underway in the taluka. The harvest season is in full swing. Meanwhile, unseasonable rain for two to two and a half hours made the farmer’s mouth water. In taluka, Niphad, Winchur, Lasalgaon, Ugav, Shivdi, Khadak Malegaon, Vanasgaon, Chandori, Pimplas and other areas received rain. The wind knocked down the wheat, and the stalks of the new vines were broken. Wheat and onion were also damaged. Summer onions are prone to rotting due to rain. The farmers said the onions standing in the field could not be peeled due to the water seeping into the ground. Ravi Gaikwad, a farmer from Kotamgaon, lost an acre of wheat. Wheat on two acres of Vijay Shinde was damaged.

First, there are no prices for agricultural products. A natural disaster has occurred there. This crisis has added to the difficulties while the harvest season for wheat, grapes and onions is in full swing. Now government cooperation is expected.- Babasaheb Shinde, Palkhe