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radha krishna vikhe patil on onion farmers, onion farmers are in trouble, government will wake up sooner or later, said Vikhe Patil on NAFED… – radha krishna vikhe patil on onion farmers



Solapur: Solapur District Guardian Minister and Revenue Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil came to Solapur after a month and a half. This time he gave information about the onion. “Nafed was ordered to buy onions. As part of the purchase, the issue was also raised in Nashik. The Chief Minister took the initiative and instructed NAFED to buy onions. If there is no purchase by NAFED from Solapur, an investigation will be made. Action will be taken immediately. The decision on the subsidy has not yet been made. There is a request that the racks are not not available.Even if the extra racks are made available and there is an onion boom,it will automatically contribute to higher prices.The Chief Minister himself has been informed about the subsidy.The government is positive in this regard.Let NAFED buy onions first, after providing supports, once there is a demand for onions, the final decision will be made regarding the subsidy,” said Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil.

“Farmers received no help from Mahavikas Aghadi”

Onion growers and opposition parties are raising questions about onions and staging protests across the state. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil was asked about this. He responded and targeted the Mahavikas Aghadi government. “The job of the opposition party is to politicize the issue. We have not heard of any assistance to the farmer from the Mahavikas Aghadi government. In the case of hail and unseasonal rains, the government previous did not even pay a single rupee. On the contrary, our government increased the limits. Decided to give more than the criteria of ‘NDRF’. It is the first government since its establishment, which is sensitive to farmers. funds of Rs 12,000 crore have been disbursed to farmers in the last seven months since the government came to power,” said Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil.

“Attack on Sandeep Deshpande signifies depression for Thackeray Group”

“There are differences in politics. There are ideological differences, there are political differences. But this goes as far as direct aggression. This shows Thackeray Sena’s depression. The supremacy they have tried to maintain so far through intimidation is now breaking somewhere. People join Shiv Sena of Balasaheb. People join MNS. Its failure is visible in the Thackeray Sena,” said Vikhe Patil.

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Does Mahavikas Aghadi support MIM? It should be announced

Aurangabad district was renamed Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar. Imtiaz Jalil’s position in this matter has been the opposition from the start. The state government passed a resolution and followed it to the center. Modiji and Amit Shah agreed. Previously, only Valgana was completed. Those who carried flowers to Aurangzeb’s grave were praised during the Mahavikas Aghadi period. The same MIM supported the Mahavikas Aghadi. For this reason, should he declare if the Mahavikas Aghadi has the support of the movement of Imtiaz Jalil? Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil posed this question to Mahavikas Aghadi.
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“Any support to rename Ahmednagar district”

It is proposed that the name of Ahmednagar district be changed to Punyasholk Ahilya Devi Nagar. And he has everyone’s support. Ahilya Devi’s birthplace is in Nagar district. Giving his name to the neighborhood is a shame. The government has different types of proposals. There are also proposals in terms of district division. The state government will collectively decide on major districts,” Revenue Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said.