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rape case of bhandara sawartoli, do not let go of the accused; CM Eknath Shinde orders police to take action against Bhandara Sawartoli woman stalking accused



Mumbai: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde took the heinous torture of a woman in Savartoli in Gondia district seriously and ordered the whole matter to be investigated through an SIT headed by a female police officer from IPS rank.

The Chief Minister has given instructions to impose a strict regime on the accused that this case is a disgrace to humanity and that all investigation should be conducted quickly and that the accused will no longer be allowed to reproduce such incident.

The Chief Minister also discussed with the Director General of Police in this regard. The Chief Minister also directed the administration to ensure that the female victim receives all possible treatment and no harm is done.

Maharashtra trembled again; Under the guise of help, a woman was gang-raped in two neighborhoods, the victim was seriously injured
What exactly happened?

– A 35-year-old woman separated from her husband came to her sister’s house in Gondia
-Due to a quarrel with her sister there, she left to her mother on the night of July 30
– On the way, the accused made her sit in the car on the pretext of dropping her off at her house
– The accused brutally assaulted the woman while taking her to the Mundipar forest in Gondia
-The next day, July 31, took her to Palasgaon forest and tortured her again, left her in the forest and ran away
– The female victim reached Kanhalmoh village in Bhandara from the forest, where she met the bicycle repairman.
– The woman was again raped on August 1 by the second defendant and his friend under the pretext of leaving her at home
– The accused left the victim naked near the bridge in the village of Kanhalmoh and fled
– Citizens informed the police after seeing the victim, the woman was treated in hospital

Tortured and thrown naked in the forest; The victim was bleeding all night
Accused handcuffed by police

The incident in Bhandara district is worse than the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi. Maharashtra has grown numb to the incident of a gang rape of a single woman in two districts under the guise of aid. A 45-year-old woman was brutally assaulted in the Kanhalmoh area. The woman’s condition is very serious and she is undergoing treatment at Nagpur Medical Centre. The police arrested two people in this case.

The victim of torture is a resident of Goregaon taluka in Gondia district. On July 30, she left home due to a domestic dispute. On the way to Maheri, she met Shriram Urkude (45 years old, resident of Goregaon). He took her to Mundipar in Gondia district and tortured her. Later on July 31, he was tortured and left in Palasgaon Forest. While wandering, she came to Dharma Dhaba at Kanhalmoh near Bhandara town on August 1. Then a person approached her. “I’ll take him home,” he said. But the woman didn’t believe him. Then the woman agreed to go with the other person after trusting him. After that, the woman went on a bicycle with the first person. But, both of them took her to the farm and tortured her. Later, both of them left and ran away. On the morning of August 2, said woman was found naked in the field.

After the torture, the victim lay like that all night. She had lost her mind due to the torture. In Kanhadmoh, the victim writhed in pain all night when the village youths noticed him. The villagers also rushed to her aid. The police were also informed of this incident. The woman was naked and moaning in pain. Blood covered the body from the stomach to the feet. The woman’s condition is critical due to heavy bleeding. The accused inflicted serious injuries to the victim’s private parts with sharp weapons. As a result, the victim’s uterus was injured.

Kardha Police immediately rushed to the scene and opened an investigation. After investigation, it was revealed that the woman was assaulted by one on Mundipar and Palasgaon road in Gondia district and two in Kanhalmoh area of ​​Bhandara district. The team from Kardha and Lakhni police stations as well as the local crime section formed various teams and searched for the accused. Later, both were arrested.