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road murder news medha mahabaleshwar, father troubled by old argument, daughter safe; A person was completed on medha mahabaleshwar road in satara



satara : A felony murder case has been filed against the two alleged defendants who committed murder by throwing rocks at each other’s heads due to an old feud and were arrested within 12 hours. This action was taken by the local crime branch. According to the information received, it was discovered that the late Ram Babu Pawar (36 years old, Res. Gandhinagar Medha, Javali Dist. Satara) was killed by an unknown person by hitting him on the head with a stone and a wooden plank in the pit in front of the Sudarshan manufacturing workshop on the left side of the road from Medha to Mahabaleshwar.

Considering the gravity of this crime, Sameer Sheikh Superintendent of Police Satara and Bapu Bangar Senior Superintendent of Police Satara Shital Janve Kharade Y Division Police Officer Y Division, Police Inspector Arun Deokar Local Crime Branch Satara, Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Tasgaonkar Medha Police Station immediately attended the scene and recorded the crime. Disclosure instructions given.

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Police Inspector Aruna Devkar formed independent investigation teams under the leadership of Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Tasgaonkar, Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Pawar, Deputy Police Inspector Rabindra Bhore Amit Patil, Vishwas Shingade . When police questioned and reviewed CCTV footage in and around the site of the incident, two suspicious people wearing yellow and black leotards were found in the footage.

As a result, while the investigation team was looking for the alleged accused of the crime, the investigation team of Police Sub-Inspector Vishwas Shingade found this suspect in the city and detained him. On questioning them, they said that they had killed the late Ram Babu Pawar by throwing a stone on his head while he was harassing the father of one of them because of an old quarrel. A case was registered at the Medha police station in this case.

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