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Rude behavior with the police by two drunks, Rude behavior with the police by two drunks in Pimpri; Rude behavior with the police by two drunks in Pimpri



Print: Two drunks beat up a hotel waiter for taking a cigarette and fled on a two-wheeler. However, the drunk driver lost control and the two fell on the road. Even after that, they were arrested by the police as they fled. However, both of them shouted and behaved rudely with the police. The incident happened at 3am on Tuesday February 14 at Walhekarwadi Road, Rawet.

This is the case

The names of the accused are Akash Karam Gangawane (28 years old), Bhushan Rajendra Rakshe (26 years old, both from Rupinagar, Talwade). Police officer Tanaji Kachre lodged a complaint at the Rawet police station in this case. Police say Akash and Bhushan consumed alcohol at midnight on Tuesday. After that, he went to a hotel in Ravet and argued with the waiter about taking cigarettes. After beating up the waiter, the two ran off at high speed on the bike. While fleeing, Bhushan lost control of the bike and both fell on the road. After that, the two got up and started running away. Akash and Bhushan were arrested by police officer Tanaji Kachare who was there at the time. Both behaved rudely with the police and shouted loudly and disturbed public order, the prosecution said. Rawat police are investigating.


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