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Sambhajinagar, ST cylinder truck and bus accident collided with truck full of cylinders, cylinder overturned on road, one fatality; 21 injured – horrific crash vehicle gas bottle and bus one dead 21 injured at chhatrapati sambhajinagar aurangabad



Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar : ST carrying passengers from Sillod. An incident of a terrible bus accident has been revealed. The accident happened near the village of Wangi near Pachora. A vehicle traveling at high speed carrying gas cylinders hit the bus head-on. One of them died instantly in this horrific accident. No less than 21 bus passengers were seriously injured. Information is circulating that the condition of 8 to 10 injured is critical.

Around this evening, bus number (MH14 BT4006) left for Pachora with passengers from Sillod. However, near the village of Wangi, a vehicle bearing the number (MH21.BH5330) carrying gas cylinders was coming at high speed. The speeding vehicle struck ST. The bus was hit hard from the front. The accident is so serious that the vehicle transporting the gas canisters is literally crushed and the driver dies on the spot. The cylinder of the car spilled on the road.

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On the other hand, the front part of the ST bus was crushed. Seeing this horrific accident, villagers and motorists passing on the road pulled the injured from the bus. After informing the police about the accident, the police transferred the injured to the hospital, while some of the injured were transferred to the hospital in Sillod. It is reported that 6 of these patients have been admitted to a private hospital in Aurangabad.

A total of 21 people were injured in the accident, while one person was reportedly killed. The death toll is expected to rise and police are identifying the injured and dead. Traffic was blocked on both sides of the road after the accident. The police removed the damaged vehicles, cleared the road and eased traffic.

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