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Sanjay Raut, Can the Legislature Disqualify an MP? A big twist in the Raut case, the situation has changed…! – Is it possible to make a motion for breach of privilege in Maharashtra Legislature against MP Sanjay Raut



Mumbai: As the opposition left the budget session of the Maharashtra legislature in a state of shock over the farmers’ issue, Thackeray Group leader and MP Sanjay Raut called the legislature a ‘corps of thieves’. That was reason enough for the leaders to be aggressive. As of this morning, the ruling party took an aggressive stance against Sanjay Raut and demanded that a “violation of rights” be brought against him. BJP MP Atul Bhatkhalkar demanded a motion of disqualification saying Raut had insulted the House and its members. There, also in the Legislative Council, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis gave a strong speech and hinted that action would be taken against Sanjay Raut. Both houses of the Legislative Assembly adjourned due to enormous confusion over Raut’s statement. But before that, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Rahul Narvekar, announced the disenfranchisement committee and increased the difficulties faced by Raut. Rulers tended to punish the Rauts by recording violations of their rights as a whole. However, it is reported that such violation of rights cannot be brought against a member of the Rajya Sabha. Former Secretary to the Legislature Anant Kalse gave information in this regard.

The first two days of the session were dominated by the opposition. The opposition has caught the leaders in a dilemma on issues such as the question of farmers, rule of law and order, contempt for great men. But Sanjay Raut, while criticizing the leaders of the Shinde group, called the Legislative Assembly a gang of thieves and a fury broke out. Accusing Raut’s statement of insulting the Legislative Assembly and all its members, the BJP-Shinde group MPs burned down the house and stormed the House, demanding that Raut be disqualified. This was discussed in both chambers. In the end, Rahul Narvekar, president of the Vidhan Sabha, formed a committee and said that after the committee’s decision, appropriate action would be taken. But can the legislator infringe the rights of a member of the Rajya Sabha? When such a question arose, we got the answer to that question from Anant Kalse, former Secretary of the Legislative Assembly. According to him, the legislator does not have this right. According to the parliamentary system, only the Rajya Sabha has such authority.

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What did Anant Kalse say?

The statement made by Sanjay Raut qualifies for a special infringement action. It is obvious that there was a lack of respect for the House and its members. But the legislature cannot move a motion to disqualify a member of the Rajya Sabha. There is a different procedure for this. He should refer the matter to the Rajya Sabha, in line with parliamentary practice and the Special Rights Violations Act. Since Sanjay Raut is a member of the Rajya Sabha, the Rajya Sabha is the proper chamber to bring a violation of rights against him. The Honorable President of Rajya Sabha, who is the Vice President of the country, is taking further steps in this regard.

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The matter will be referred to the Committee on Infringements of Privileges. This committee will draw some conclusions. After that, the relevant report will be sent to the President of the Rajya Sabha. After all, this honorable president will take other measures. More importantly, the Maharashtra legislature has no power to take action against them. The Maharashtra legislature can only investigate the matter.