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satara accident, ball and unicorn collide head-on: the youngsters on both bikes are killed instantly; Attack due to precipitation! – bicycle accident by bullet and unicorn in koregaon taluka young people on both bicycles died instantly



Sara: Two high-speed two-wheelers collided head-on near Dosti Dhaba near Pimpode Khurd village in Koregaon taluka. In this horrible accident, the two young people on two wheels were killed instantly. The accident happened around 7 p.m. on Monday and the work of recording this accident started late at night at the Vathar police station.

According to the information received, containers and freight trains are also transiting in large numbers through the Satara-Lonand and Phaltan roads to avoid the Anewadi toll. For this reason, there are a lot of traffic jams in this area. The accident rate is high on this route. Swaraj Swaroop Kumar Jankar (23) from Padegaon (Khandala) was traveling to Padegaon by gunshot (MH 12 TE 3006). He worked in a transport company in Satara. He had finished his work and left for Padegaon village, while Subhash Anirudh Shinde (Rest. Balwadi, Dist. Solapur) was heading towards Satara on a Unicorn motorbike (MH 45 AS 3934).

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After approaching Dosti Dhaba, these two motorcycles collided head-on. As these two-wheelers were traveling in opposite directions, the collision was so loud that local residents rushed to the scene after hearing the sound of the collision. In this collision, the motorcyclists were thrown 20 to 25 feet from the crash site. Both were seriously injured in the crash and died instantly.

Meanwhile, residents immediately reported the incident to Vathar Police Station. After that, staff, including Assistant Police Inspector Sanjay Bomble, rushed to the scene. In this case, the process of registering the accident at the Vathar police station continued until late at night.


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