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satara crime, friendship made on instagram, schoolboy took advantage, what happened with underage girl is shocking – satara crime news underage boy responsible for physical assault of underage girl registered case



Santosh Shirale, Satara: In the fast-paced world, social media has created so much noise that there is not even time to look here and there. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook have become a means of expression from children to adults. It is also widely used among schoolchildren. Its side effects become so dangerous that there is no social awareness. A similar incident happened in Satara district, where the mobile phone that comes back into the hands of children to study after the confinement tries to jeopardize their future educational and social career. So the question is: have we forgotten about social awareness?

An underage schoolboy in the district assaulted an underage girl. The girl is four months pregnant. A POCSO case was registered against the boy at Shahupuri Police Station in this regard. The information given by the police is that the boy concerned is a resident of a village in the district. He is 15 and studying. The girl is thirteen and a half. She is also a local resident.

The concerned boy assaulted the girl while speaking softly. A minor girl is four months pregnant. After that, the girl’s relatives filed a complaint against the boy at the Shahupuri police station. After that, the police registered a case under the POCSO Act. Police Sub-Inspector Mulla investigates the case.

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Need to think seriously about the use of social media

The abuse of a minor girl is very shocking. It is such an event that completely shakes the heart. From reports heard about the background of this incident or the friendship formed through an acquaintance on social media, this reprehensible incident happened. In fact, the use of new technologies developed at such a young age, when these tools fall into the hands of those who do not know their true meaning, they become deadly weapons and then such unfortunate incidents occur. think seriously rather than hearing about such incidents and ignoring them, said Bharat Bhosale, a social activist from Satara.

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It is the moral responsibility of each of us to keep tabs on what our children are doing, who they are associating with, what exactly they are using their cell phones for and we have to accept that. Otherwise, time to come will not forgive us. Parents, you can be a billionaire now, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be a successful parent. In order to create a healthy society in the future, we must all be very aware of the future of our children. Bharat Bhosle said this attention is needed.

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