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satara crime news, ‘I want to talk to you’, call the newlywed to his home and end it, the extreme step of the boyfriend after him, the excitement in Satara – satara crime news dattatray mali kill snehal mali and end his life in vanjholi village of khatav taluka



Sara: A shocking incident took place in Khatav taluk of Satara district. A newly married woman’s boyfriend committed suicide after murdering her. Due to this incident, there is excitement in Vanjoli village of Khatav taluka. After this incident, police officers from Aundh and Pusesavali rushed to the scene. There was also a large crowd of spectators there. The name of the young man who committed suicide is Dattatraya Mali and the name of the newly married woman is Snehal Mali.

Snehal Mali, the bride who was murdered, got married two months ago. When Maheri came home, Dattatray Mali called her home, Snehal Mali was called home and killed by stabbing her with a knife and a coyote. After that, he committed suicide by hanging himself. The talukas of Karad and Khatav were shaken by this incident.

The name of the murdered bride is Snehal Vaibhav Mali (22, Res. Shamgaon, Dist. Karad). The name of the lover who committed suicide is Dattatraya Suresh Mali (27 years old, Res. Vanjoli, Dist. Khatav).

Aundh Police said Dattatray Mali and Snehal de Vanjoli were in love with each other. However, two months ago, Snehal was married to a young man from Shamgaon. After two months, Snehal Mali returned home on Saturday. Dattatraya and Snehal’s house is some distance away.

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On Sunday evening, Dattatraya called Snehal at his house saying “I want to talk to you”. Taking advantage of the absence of anyone in the house, Dattatraya stabbed Snehal repeatedly with a knife and a crowbar. Snehal died at the scene from worm wounds. After that, Dattatraya also committed suicide by hanging himself in the same house.

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Police officers from Aundh and Pusesavali rushed to the scene as soon as they got information about the incident. Meanwhile, Divisional Police NCO Dr. Nilesh Deshmukh, Assistant Police Inspector Dattatray Darade visited the scene. The incident was reported to Aundh Police late at night.

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