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Satara liquor vendor beaten by women; I will not sell alcohol; A women’s breathless chop to the vendor; The red look of Chilewadi women in Satara



satara : There was an incident where women beat a liquor vendor until his clothes were torn. This incident took place in Chilewadi in the Satara district. At that time, the women also took out liquor bottles and broke them. This aggressive avatar of women was seen at the illegal liquor store. The women of the village attacked this liquor store with sticks in their hands saying that our husbands are going to drink liquor.

Not only that, the women also brought liquor bottles outside the store and smashed them. The video of this incident is going viral on social media. The women then handed the vendor over to Vathar police. In the video, the trader is seen repeatedly saying, “Don’t hit me, I’m sorry, I won’t be selling alcohol anymore, I’m closing.”

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On this occasion, the women of the village of Chilewadi in Satara were seen. The women of the village attacked the liquor store with sticks saying that the store on the outskirts of the village sells illegal alcohol and because of this our husbands are going to drink. During this attack, the women beat the alcohol seller by tearing his clothes.

Meanwhile, in Vadjakan village of Nawapur taluka of Nandurbar district, the social and family atmosphere of the village is deteriorating due to alcohol addiction. Therefore, the members of the women’s self-help group collected the illegal liquor stores in the village along with the materials for making liquor from the hand oven and burned these materials in front of the Gram Panchayat. For the past 20 to 25 years in Vadjakan village, the women of the village were suffering due to the existence of hand ovens.

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