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Satara Police action on the Black Magic case; Ghost in the Body, Gulala Arena and…; The Aghori type started in the temple itself; When the police arrived…



Sara: Bhujan Police has registered a case against 4 suspects who committed aghori karani at Dhavaji Patil temple in Surur in Satara. Due to the measures taken under the anti-witchcraft law, there was excitement in the district. Bhujan Police said that in Dhavaji Patil temple in Surur (Y district), which is famous on the highway, Adv. Manoj Mane went to darshan on Tuesday afternoon. At that time, the self-proclaimed sorcerer practiced exorcism in the temple.

At that time, Aghori processing being done in the temple and Gulala materials kept in the arena, lemon, etc. were recorded from the mobile phone and a complaint was filed against four suspects under the anti-witchcraft law in Bhujan. police. The wizard of Dhavaji Patil Temple in Surur would beat the possessed person and create a scary atmosphere.

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The magician deceives people by doing witchcraft in front of the person who comes to that place. These guys have been around here for many years. Self-proclaimed witches here have also been prosecuted under anti-witchcraft laws in the past. However, the horrors of this place have not ceased. Therefore, a complaint was filed against them under the Witchcraft Act.

The police could not get the name of the magician involved, but as soon as the case was registered, the magician fled from there. Deputy Inspector of Police Ramesh Garje informed that Bhujan Police were trying late into the night to ascertain the exact truth in this case and arrest the four people.

Meanwhile, after this guy, Annis State Executive Committee Member Dr. Hamid Dabholkar said that this kind of evil act has been going on according to the self-proclaimed mantra for several days in Dhavaji Patil Temple in Surur. This must be stopped forever.

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