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Satara’s newly married bride dies; The wedding ceremony ended on the fifth day, the newly married couple died before the turmeric descended, there was mourning at the wedding house.



Sara: Due to the auspicious marriage of Aarti and Satish, the atmosphere of the marital home opened up. Closeness to loved ones also continued. The silk knot of the two worlds was tied. The traditional rituals after the wedding also went smoothly. But fate had written something else in the silk knot of this newly married couple. The turmeric unloading program was launched on Sunday. The atmosphere was joyful, as bride Aarti’s health suddenly deteriorated. As she began to vomit and have diarrhea, relatives became upset. She was immediately taken to Tapola Primary Health Center for treatment. However, the doctor said she died there and a mountain of grief fell on both families.

Aarti Satish Walnekar (25), newly married, from Walne village in Mahabaleshwar taluka was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea. She died suddenly while being taken to Tapola Primary Health Center for treatment. After the death of the married woman on the fifth day after the wedding, there is a feeling of grief in the Walne area.

Mahabaleshwar Police said the marriage of Satish Valnekar to Aarti Musale in Valne village, 50 km from Mahabaleshwar, took place just five days ago on Tuesday, in Kargaon (Khopoli, Raigad district). It happened on the 14th

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Thursday, The wedding ceremony took place on 16. Sunday, d. On the 19th, there was a turmeric unloading program. But, the health of the newlyweds suddenly deteriorated. She was taken to Tapola Primary Health Center for treatment as she started vomiting and having diarrhoea. But before she got there, she collapsed from dizziness and died on the spot. In the same condition, she was admitted to the primary health center in Tapola. Doctors pronounced him dead there. From there, the body was taken to Mahabaleshwar Rural Hospital. After the autopsy, the body was handed over to a relative. The last rites were performed at Walne in the presence of both families.

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Meanwhile, at the rural hospital, the cries of relatives of the late Aarti were heartbreaking. Seeing the condition of the two families, there was a feeling of sadness in the area. A police presence was maintained on site to avoid any unfortunate incident. At that time, the divisional police non-commissioned officer Dr. Shital Janve-Kharade spoke with relatives. He was registered as a sudden death at Mahabaleshwar police station. Further investigation, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Dr. Under the direction of Shital Janve Kharade, Sub-Inspector of Police made Inamdar.

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