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satyajeet tambe, first the photo on the banner, now satyajeet tambe has the honor of sitting in the army district chief’s chair, sparking discussion – satyajeet tambe visits solapur shivsena shinde district chief amol shinde office



Solapur: Nephew of Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat, MLA Satyajit Tambe from Legislative Council Graduates Constituency visited Solapur on Saturday and held talks with various Congress leaders. Satyajit Tambe adopted a cautious attitude while briefing the media. led by Eknath Shinde. This visit launched a discussion in political circles. Balasaheb Thorat’s nephew, Satyajit Tambe, has now left Congress and is known as an independent MP. He went to Shiv Sena office and had a discussion with Shiv Sena District Chief Amol Bapu Shinde and his staff for nearly half an hour. Everyone’s eyebrows were raised as the Shiv Sena District Chief sat Tambe in the District Chief’s chair in the office.

Satyajit Tambe on the Shinde Group banner at Shiv Jayanti in Nashik

The photo of Satyajit Tambe, MP for Nashik Graduates Constituency of Vidhan Parishad, was displayed on the banners unfurled by Shinde Group on the occasion of Shiv Jayanti in the city of Nashik. For this reason, political discussions have been triggered in the city of Nashik. On the occasion of Shiv Jayanti, Dr. A large free health check-up camp was organized in the city by Selchayavati. Banners of this camp were placed at various places in the city. This banner was under discussion. Satyajit Tambe visited Shiv Sena’s office in Solapur and accepted the award when the discussion was fresh. District Chief Amol Bapu Shinde welcomed them.

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Self-proclaimed independent Satyajit Tambe on the chair of Shiv Sena district chief

Balasaheb Thorat’s nephew, Satyajit Tambe, who was elected as an independent in Nashik Graduate Vidhan Parishad constituency, says he is an independent. A different discussion started due to his growing visit to Shiv Sena, the Shinde group. Satyajit Tambe was spotted on the banner of Shinde Shiv Sena group during Shiv Jayanti celebrations in Nashik. During the Solapur tour, the Shinde group went to Shiv Sena’s office and received the congratulation, while Shiv Sena District Chief Amol Bapu Shinde sat him on the District Chief’s chair. .

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